As a conscious event, we must be aware of the space we are inhabiting physically, socio-economically, culturally, politically, emotionally, and spiritually. We chose St. James park for Conscious San Jose Festival, because it needs love and attention. St. James park serves as a home to many folks who live on the streets. By this nature it is a charged place that asks for sensitivity, discernment, and most of all compassion (something we as a conscious community cultivate!).

Dignity for All . Each human is deserving of basic acknowledgement and a right to exist in the space. Namaste.

Many of the park residents and folks from the street really appreciate a friendly ear to listen to their story. If it’s within your capacity for the day, try asking someone’s name, looking them in the eye, and appreciating their perspective & experience.

At the same time, it’s important to respect your own boundaries in each interaction. Stay aware of your boundaries (physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically) and kindly disengage and move on when you need to.

Many of the folks in the park suffer from mental illness. If you encounter a situation that is escalating, please do not try to solve it on your own. Call over a volunteer with a festival shirt on to get support. We do have security present at the park at all times. We will take all measures for compassionate de-escalation before using force.

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