As a conscious event, we must be aware of the space we are inhabiting physically, socio-economically, culturally, politically, emotionally, and spiritually. We chose St. James park for Conscious San Jose Festival, because it needs love and attention. St. James park serves as a home to many folks who live on the streets. By this nature it is a charged place that asks for sensitivity, discernment, and most of all compassion (something we as a conscious community cultivate!).

Dignity & Respect for All - Each human is deserving of basic acknowledgement and a right to exist in the space. Respect each person, the land we are on, the space, the teachers, performers, cultures represented, vendors, park residents, and all people and living things. Ahimsa, do no harm.

Embrace our Diversity - Approach all perceived differences with curiosity & care. We respect our fellow humans regardless of age, race, ability, bodies, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, faith path, or any other actual or perceived differences. We believe that all experiences different than our own are of equal value, and we do our best to remain open to learning other perspectives.

Freedom & Responsibility - Bravely come as you are. Feel the freedom to be yourself fully and play with discovering new parts. Also understand that intention does not always equal impact: We remember that we are all connected, thus we take ownership of the ways in which our expression of freedom may impact another’s space or experience.

Self-Ownership & Care - Be in-tune with your boundaries, know your needs, practice self-care. Drink water, feed yourself, and take care of you. Be yourself. Do you.

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