2019 Connecting Our Community

The unique and empowering quality of Conscious San Jose Festival is our intention to not only invite, but also provide a welcoming and accepting environment for all walks of life. As one of the leading regions in community outreach and sustainability in the country, it’s only appropriate that a community wellness festival incorporate these facets. To our blessing, having the festival in St. James Park is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the population we wish to serve the most; the people experiencing homelessness and the impoverished community that resides in the park and surrounding areas.

Conscious San Jose Festival plans to provide a number of resource providers expanding from shelters, housing and health programs, haircuts, mobile showers and other various donations for those in need. With a wide range of resources present all at one time and place, individuals can learn about everything available in their area as well as tailor to their needs and utilize those specific resources. With that in mind, this event will also be a growing opportunity for all participants of the festival to interact and learn about parts of their community they may have never known before.

Conscious San Jose Festival would greatly appreciate donations of new packaged socks and underwear for local people experiencing homelessness.

The items will be collected and distributed during our festival in St. James Park on September 22 to individuals who reside in the park and surrounding areas.

A respite area will be set-up to provide free showers, laundry, and haircuts. Your donation will help these individuals suffering from homelessness to feel clean and cared for.

Men’s white crew socks Women’s briefs (all sizes) Men’s briefs (all sizes)

Please don’t buy: tube socks, ankle/no-show socks, or black socks. Thank you!

Early bird tickets coming TBD