Youth and Family: Growing Together

The Youth and Family program of Conscious San Jose will be a warm welcome space for youth of all ages and their parents and families to spend quality time together. The programs are focused on health and wellness with yoga for various age groups from toddlers all the way to High Schoolers. Parents are welcome to participate with their children in any of the activites. A fun activity of Laughter Science/Cosmic Playground is an open invitation to all youth and familes to participate and learn how to destress from everyday life. An experienced mindfulness expert will give instructions on mindfulness to teens and to share how to self-regulate using mindfulness techniques. Parents will have an opportunity to listen to a "Conscious Parenting" Coach on the trials and tribulations of parenting. Crafts and arts activities will be available giving youth opportunities to utilize their creativity and learning skills. A large "Gratitude Board" will be displayed that invites community members to share their life appreciations. This is a great way for community to build a strong sense of connection over our shared humanity. The Youth and Family programming is a wonderful opportunity for families and youth to come together for wellness, community, and compassion.

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2019 Youth and Family Lineup

Free admission to all classes and workshops up to age 18. Please register your kids for wristbands at admission.

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Early bird tickets coming TBD